Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkey's Citizenship Program allows for a second passport to be acquired in 6-8 months through property investments starting at $400,000. 

The application process is straightforward and does not require the declaration of assets or income from other countries or physical presence. Property purchases offer alternative residency and high ROI potential.

Investors can also benefit from rental income and can resell after 3 years.

Key Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkish citizenship offers many advantages and benefits. Here are some of the most important benefits of the Turkish citizenship by investment program;


Visa-Free Travel Around the World

People who have obtained Turkish citizenship through investment also earn the right to hold a Turkish passport. Turkish passports enable people to travel to 105 different countries around the world visa-free or on visa-on-arrival conditions. Some of the countries that Turkish citizens can travel to under these conditions are as follows; Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Maldives, Qatar, Armenia, Montenegro, North Cyprus, Argentina, Bahama, and many more.

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How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

There are several options to get Turkish citizenship through investment. Therefore, firstly you need to choose which investment option suits your conditions the best.

After the required investment conditions have been fulfilled, the candidate should apply to the Immigration Office and the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship with the necessary documents.

The acquisition of citizenship can take up to 6 months after submitting the required documents. For this reason, the applicant is granted a temporary residency permit.

Investment Options

With the changes made by the presidential decision No. 106 published in the Official Gazette on 19 September 2018 and presidential decision No. 418 published in the Official Gazette on 7 December 2018, foreign investors, who fulfill one of the investment conditions below, are eligible to apply for Turkey’s citizenship program;

What Are the Required Documents for Turkish Citizenship Applications?

The applicants should prepare the following documents to apply for Turkish citizenship;

• Application form

• A valid passport

• Four passport-size photos for each applicant in the family

• Birth certificate

• Residence permit or Touristic Visa on your passport

• If applicable, documents proving your relationships with your spouse and children (marriage license, birth certificate of children)

• If applicable, Turkish ID copy and address of the applicant's relatives in Turkey

• Application tax payment receipt

• Documents related to investment options (such as in case of real estate, a title deed, or notarized property purchase commitment, appraisal report of the property, bank receipt of payment of a minimum amount, etc.)

• Conformity report issued by authorities according to the investment type


FAQ for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

1Can foreigners get citizenship in Turkey?
Yes, foreigners can get citizenship in Turkey if they meet the application conditions and prove that they pose no threat to Turkish national security.
2How can I get Turkish citizenship?
There are several routes to obtain Turkish citizenship such as marriage and 5 years of residency. However, the most preferred method to obtain Turkish citizenship is an investment.
3How long does the process take from the beginning to receiving my Turkish passport?
The process takes generally 2 months. It can be extended to 6 months depending on the number of applicants in a family and the work volume of the government offices.
4Do I have to learn the Turkish language to get citizenship?
5After I get my passport and Turkish ID, can I work or start a business in Turkey?
Yes. You will have all the civil rights of a Turkish citizen, including working in Turkey and starting your own business.
6Can I pursue my career in Turkey with my diploma from another country?
You need to get an equivalence certificate in Turkey.
7Is dual citizenship allowed in Turkey?
Yes, Turkey allows dual citizenship.
8Can I buy property in Turkey and get citizenship?
Yes, people who buy property in Turkey worth at least $400.000 can get Turkish citizenship.
9How strong is Turkish passport?
The Turkish passport enables its holders to travel to 105 countries on visa-free or visa-on-arrival conditions.

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