Residency in Spain

Spain; one of the most popular countries in the world, also has a residence permit system that is getting worldwide applicants for its advantageous lifestyle offer.

There are different types of residence permits in Spain. While some of them offer both residence and work permits, some of them are suitable for investors and retirees.

The residence permit in Spain is an authorization that allows foreign citizens to live or maybe work in Spain for a period of time. The Spanish residence permit is required for those who intend to stay in Spain for more than 90 days in 6 months.

Key Benefits of Spanish Residency

Residence permit offers many advantages to living in Spain. The Spanish residency grants key benefits starting with traveling freely to EU countries. In addition, there are more you will discover after getting it. 


Visa-Free Travel to 26 Schengen Countries

Get visa-free travel to 26 EU nations with Spanish Residency by Investment, including Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, and Germany. Take a whim and take the family to Europe for a vacation, or use the time to squeeze in a quick work trip.

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How to Get Residency in Spain?

If you want to live in Spain for an extended time, you'll need to apply for residence. Depending on your circumstances and ambitions, many sorts of residence permits are available.

Each type of residence permit has its rules, so it's essential to research and ensure you meet those rules before applying. Consulting with a professional immigration advisor can also help you navigate the application process and ensure you have all the necessary documentation.

The Most Popular Types of Residency in Spain

Frequently Asked Questions on Spanish Residency

1 How do you get a residence permit in Spain?
You may apply for a residence permit while in Spain, or at the Spanish consulates. You may apply personally, or by someone on behalf of you by giving power of attorney.
2How long does it take for my Spanish residence permit application to result?
While it depends on the variables such as applied permit type and application location, the Spanish government has a maximum of 90 days to result in your application. But in general, it does not take that long.
3What is the easiest and fastest way to get a Spanish residence permit?
Investing in real estate for Spanish Golden Visa is considered the fastest and easiest way to get a residence permit.
4When I will be eligible for applying for a permanent residence permit?
After continuously and legally residing in Spain for 5 years, then you can apply for a permanent residence permit.
5Why I should choose Spain to live in?
Spain offers amazing opportunities to all foreigners. Spain draws the attention of foreigners only by visiting. Then, they get amused by the beauty of the country and start to live in Spain to get unique opportunities and advantages.
6Which Spanish residence permit I should apply for?
While it varies depending on your desire to work or not, generally the most preferred way to get a Spanish residence permit is Golden Visa.
7 Is it necessary to translate all documents into Spanish?
Yes, unless otherwise specified all documents must be translated into Spanish. If your document is a foreign public document, it must also have the apostille of the Hague Convention or have been legalized through diplomatic channels.
8Can a residence permit be transformed into citizenship?
Yes, after continuously and legally residing in Spain for 10 years, you may apply for Spanish citizenship.
9Can my Spanish residence permit application be rejected?
If you don’t prepare your documents properly and if you are not eligible for the applied residence permit type, your application may be rejected.
10Is it hard to get a residency in Spain?
No, it is not. But, the entire application process consists of official procedures that can be easily overcome with legal consultancy.

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