Our Göztepe office, located on the Asian Side of Istanbul, is a branch office of Tekce Visa. It provides international legal consultancy services on any legal issues, such as property conveyancing, acquisition of Turkish citizenship, residence permit applications, the law of succession, and the law of obligations for setting up companies in Turkey.

Our professional team consists of multilingual lawyers who have a high knowledge and experience in the local legal system. When you get in touch with our experts, they quickly evaluate your application and come up with the most comprehensive roadmap for you.

We guarantee the advantage of completing the process exactly how you want and as fast as possible, in addition to providing you with correct information and feedback.

You can meet with our team of legal experts in person at our Göztepe office, or you can always give us a call any time. The office is located at a very central point. You can reach our office by many means of transportation.

We also have a branch office in Cevizlibağ, located on the European side of Istanbul. You may obtain the same consultancy services at the same level of excellence from our Cevizlibağ office as well.