The Golden Visa programme in Portugal offers a new option for those wishing to apply through investment funds. This method provides a more flexible and accessible way for those wishing to obtain European Union permanent residence or citizenship by investing in Portugal. Mutual funds offer investors a wide range of investment options with professionally managed portfolios in various asset classes. In this way, investors can obtain residence or citizenship in Portugal by making the necessary investment under the Golden Visa programme.

Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa scheme is an immigrant investor program that allows non-EU citizens to live, work and study in Portugal for five years.

Portugal's Golden Visa is one of the most preferred types of residence program because it is affordable, advantageous, and requires simple procedures when compared to other countries. Since Portugal is a full member of the European Union, the Portugal residence permit provides extensive benefits to non-EU citizens.

Key Benefits

The Golden Visa program in Portugal, one of Europe's most effective immigration programs, gives the right to reside, work, and study in the country with visa-free entry within the Schengen zone.


Investment Options

Real estate investment is one of the most preferred investment instruments to obtain residency in Portugal through the Golden Visa program. The new Portugal Golden Visa law, "the Mais Habitaçāo bill" officially entered into effect on October 7, 2023.

The new law includes a range of measures to help solve Portugal's housing problem. As a precautionary measure, the Portuguese Government announced that it won’t be possible to get a residence permit or Golden Visa by buying property.

Even though the path to acquiring Portuguese citizenship through property investment is ending, the Golden Visa program remains. It is also possible to obtain a residence permit in Portugal by using other types of investments.

Minimum of €1.5 million capital transfer to a Portuguese bank account or approved investments.
Creating a minimum of 10 new jobs for the next 5 years.

Portugal Golden Visa Requirements

• Meeting the minimum investment requirements including property purchasing, establishing a new business, or capital investment.

• Not being an EU citizen.

• Not being banned from any country in the Schengen Area.

• Having the financial means to live in Portugal.

• Opening a Portuguese bank account.

• Not having a criminal record.

• Private health insurance.

How to Get Residency in Portugal with Golden Visa?

Applying for the Portugal residency program just takes a few simple but essential steps to follow.

Status Analysis: First, you need to talk about your legal situation with a professional advisor and discuss whether you meet the requirements or not, and how to complete your deficiencies.

Gathering Documents: Secondly, your advisor will inform you about the necessary documents.

Invest: If you haven’t made your investment yet, at this step you should finalize it since you need to submit proof of investment to the authorities.

Submission of Application: After meeting all the requirements and gathering all the documents, you will be submitting your application and wait for the verdict.

Getting Your Residence Permit: Congratulations, you are now an official resident of Portugal! You are ready to get your permit and start living your best life in Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Which country is the best for the Golden Visa?
Portugal offers one of the most advantageous Golden Visa programs in Europe. Low investment amounts and only 14 days of physical presence requirement in Portugal make the Portuguese Golden Visa one of the best ones in Europe.
2How much do I need to invest in Portugal to get a residency?
You can make transfer of €250,000 for cultural investment or support and 250.000 € into supporting art, science, and heritage, 500.000 € in a business, or 1.5 million € in capital investments.
3Can I work in Portugal with Golden Visa?
Yes, a Portuguese Golden Visa gives the right to work in Portugal to non-EU citizens.
4Can I study in Portugal with a Golden Visa?
Yes, non-EU citizens can study in Portugal with a Golden Visa.
5How long can I live in Portugal with a Golden Visa?
Portuguese Golden Visa gives residency in Portugal for a total of five years. After five years of residency, visa holders can apply for Portuguese citizenship.
6Do I need a Schengen Visa to travel if I get a Portuguese Golden Visa?
No, Golden Visa holders can travel visa-free between the countries in the Schengen Zone.
7How long should I keep my investment in Portugal for Golden Visa?
Investors should keep the investments acquired for Golden Visa for at least five years in their possessions.

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