Everything You Need to Know About Studying in Turkey

Studying abroad is highly beneficial and enjoyable, especially in a beautiful country like Turkey. An education system with high quality of life makes Turkey one of the best countries to study. Now let’s look at what is like studying in Turkey and legal processes.

What Is the Education System Like in Turkey?

The education system in Turkey is stable and developed. While the Turkish education system is always catching up with modern methods; stability and quality remain the same.

The quality of education in Turkey starts in the very first steps. Turkey has developed schools and high schools to prepare students. There are vocational, technical, and standard high schools in Turkey.

The prestige level of Turkey also continues in higher education. Some of these universities are considered among the top universities in the world.

There are two types of Turkish universities. There are public and private universities in Turkey. They both offer high-quality education.

The public universities in Turkey are free. The private universities are required to be paid. But successful students can get discounts. Even they can get free study also in private universities.

What Are the Benefits of Studying in Turkey?

The benefits of studying in Turkey are high-quality and enjoyable student life. Being a student in Turkey is attractive thanks to the vibrant life and affordable prices.

Studying in many other countries is costly. Therefore, students in Turkey can have more budget to attend activities. In short, the low cost of living in Turkey for students is a big advantage.

Also, international schools in Turkey offer lessons in many languages. The lessons can be in Turkish, English, German, French, Arabic, and many more. Students also have the option to get extra lessons from other departments.

Even though studying in private universities in Turkey does not cost much. In Turkey, private university prices are relatively lower than in nearly all Western countries. The price depends on the department, university, and the city.

In conclusion, university students in Turkey have an opportunity to attend exchange programs. While the most popular is Erasmus, there are many more study abroad programs in Turkey.

What Is the Process for Higher Education in Turkey?

There are two options for starting to study university in Turkey. The first one is studying at a high school in Turkey. All graduates from a high school in Turkey can attend university.

For foreigners who completed their high school in another country, there is a different process. They should take an exam called YÖS – Foreign Student Examination.

Each university in Turkey has its own foreign student test. The top universities in Turkey are Bogazici University, ODTU, and Istanbul Technical University. And these universities accept international students too. But these prestigious universities demand some other exams.

After getting accepted by a Turkish university, they should get a student visa if they need it. Applying for a Turkish student visa is easy. They should apply to the Turkish embassy in their own country.

The Turkish student visa requirements are;

  • Passport with at least 90 days validity
  • Signed and filled Turkish visa application form
  • 2 biometric photos
  • Acceptance letter from the university
  • Travel insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Booked flight tickets
  • Proof of sufficient financial means for studying and living in Turkey
  • Visa fee
  • Proof of housing
  • Previous diplomas and educational certificates

After the successful application, you will receive a visa with 90-day validity. After, you should apply for a residence permit in Turkey for your entire study period.

What to Know More About Studying in Turkey?

Let’s look at questions and answers. Studying in Turkey can be easily understood with these answers.

Q: Are there Turkish language courses for foreigners?
A: Yes, nearly all universities offer Turkish preparation classes. In addition, there are Turkish talking clubs and extra Turkish lessons.

Q: Are there any scholarships to study in Turkey?
A: In Turkey and abroad, there are many scholarships for studying in Turkey. Most of them can be benefited easily by successful students. Also, students who need financial support can benefit too.

Q: What are the best study abroad programs in Turkey?
A: The answer depends on your origin country and study department. There are countless study abroad programs that allow students to study in Turkey. Students in Turkey can attend popular programs such as Erasmus and Mevlana.

Q: Is the student visa application process in Turkey hard?
A: No, it is not. After getting accepted by a Turkish university, students can easily apply for visas. It is not a difficult process.

After the process, you will be granted a long-term visa if your study period is long. You may also get short-term residence permit in Turkey, depending on your study period.

Q: What are the work opportunities for international students in Turkey?
A: Turkey offers amazing careers for international students. Speaking an extra language is always considered a big plus in Turkey. So, foreign students can easily start their careers in Turkey after getting graduated.

Q: Is the healthcare and insurance system in Turkey good enough for international students?
A: Turkey is famous for being one of the best countries for healthcare. The healthcare system of Turkey consists of private and public institutions. The Turkish healthcare system also comes with a good insurance system.

Q: Can I work while studying in Turkey?
A: International students in Turkey can not work while they study. Because they will be granted a student permit, not a work permit. But some universities hire their students as researchers.

Q: Are housing and tenancy agreements in Turkey suitable for international students?
A: Turkey is one of the large real estate market countries. It welcomes thousands of foreign investors each year. Therefore, international students can rent houses in Turkey. There are no obligations disallowing foreigners to rent houses in Turkey.

How to Easily Complete All Steps to Start Studying in Turkey?

Foreigners can work with consultancy companies to easily start studying in Turkey. There are many companies for foreigners to study in Turkey. But, foreigners should take note that they must only work with reliable and professional companies.

Legal consultation for studying in Turkey is a must for a successful process. It will allow all steps to be done on your behalf. If you are willing to study in Turkey and need guide, contact us now. Experts of Tekce Visa will guide you through the whole process.

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