What Does Golden Visa Offer Its Applicants?

Golden Visa program presents its applicants with a chance to settle in a new country through residence permits and more.

What is Golden Visa Program and What Does It Offer?

Golden Visa is a program offered by governments that grants their applicants residence permits in their country in return for investments. The program presents people with a chance to settle in a new country. It enables people to lead the comfortable and pleasant lifestyle that they dream of.

Numerous countries around the world offer programs in order to facilitate people to settle in the country. In search of ways to settle in a different country, many people choose this option. And they wonder how to get Golden Visa. The answer is it depends on the legislation of each country.

Some of the application conditions in countries with Golden Visa programs are similar. However, Golden Visa countries generally request different amounts of investments as a minimum in order to provide residency. They also open the way for citizenship applications after different time periods with residency in Spain.

If you don’t have a place in mind, inspect the application conditions of all countries offering Golden Visa programs well. This way you can find the best Golden Visa for yourself. Golden Visa Europe programs are among the most preferred programs both because of application conditions and benefits. Especially the Spanish Golden Visa program is one of the most preferred.

What Are the Benefits of Golden Visa Programs?

They present their holders with many benefits and open the way for a comfortable life. The benefits provided by the program for individuals differ depending on the country.

However, these programs generally provide the following rights and privileges to their individual holders;

  • Permit for working and residency in the said country,
  • The right to benefit from free education and health insurance provided by public institutions,
  • Opportunity to gain rental income through real estate investments,
  • The right to establish a company,
  • Exemption from double taxation,
  • The acquisition of Golden Visas for family members with the same investment,
  • The right to apply for permanent residence and then for citizenship.

The rights we’ve briefly listed above are some of the general benefits of these programs. However, the countries that offer Golden Visas may present these rights with different conditions.

For instance, the right to apply for permanent residence and citizenship is generally possible only after a certain time period. This time period usually varies depending on the country. Golden Visa tax benefits may also differ from one country to another.

European countries with Golden Visa programs present some additional privileges as well. People acquiring this visa from a country in the European Union earn the right to travel freely in the Schengen area.

These programs not only bring benefits to their applicants but also to the countries as well. Golden Visa investments increase the amount of foreign direct investment in a country. These investments become a tool for boosting the local economy.

How to Apply for Golden Visa?

The application conditions, procedures, required investment, and documents may differ greatly depending on each country’s laws. However, some application conditions are standard for all countries. Having no criminal record and not being under sanction are some of them. Being able to prove the legality of the income is also an important criteria.

The application process in a different legislative system and in a foreign language might look complicated. However, there is no need to get scared. You can contact our multilingual experts to get detailed information on the processes in your native language.

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