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Tekce Visa offers professional legal consultancy services when you are starting a new life abroad. We don’t consider starting a life abroad as just buying a brick building. We are building a new life with you. Experienced lawyers of Tekce Visa are your lawyers abroad to provide a reliable legal service. Our services include a wide range from property conveyancing, citizenship, and residence permit applications, the law of succession, and the law of obligations to launching companies in different countries.

We take responsibility for the entire process in all cases and applications for all our clients. What makes us one step ahead in this field is that we have the experience, vast knowledge, and professional lawyer team. Besides getting accurate information and feedback, you will have the advantage of concluding the process as requested and as soon as possible.

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Legal Consultancy in Turkey and Spain by Tekce Visa

Tekce Visa is specialized in the judicial processes of foreigners in Turkey, Spain, and Portugal. Our services include citizenship applications, residence permit, the law of succession, the law of obligations, and legal advice on launching a company in Turkey.

We launched Tekce Visa in 2019 to convey our professional approach to legal services. Today, our lawyers and consultants, who are the leading experts in their fields, serve in many fields of law in Turkey, Spain, and Portugal.
Our job is to understand your expectation and give you the best legal advice according to your needs. We believe in the importance of clear communication in the legal processes, especially for people in a foreign country where they do not speak the local language and have almost no idea of the legal system.

We work with a team of consultants that speaks more than 20 languages. You will take the advantage of speaking your mother tongue in a foreign country while getting legal services for your business and personal cases.