Join Our Spain Golden Visa by Investment Webinar in June

As Tekce Visa, we are holding a Spain Golden Visa by Investment Webinar in June. In the webinar, we will describe all your questions on the Spanish Golden Visa. Our experts will also provide all necessary information about our services. The Spain Golden Visa webinar will be held on 13 June.

Spain is clearly one of the best countries to live in. Quality beaches, amazing lifestyle, affordable prices, and unique location in Europe. With all of these aspects of the country, it is getting high demand.

The beautiful country of Spain is not only demanded for tourism purposes. Spain has one of the highest foreign populations in the world. It also has a vibrant real estate market. Combining these two, there are vast reasons to permanently live in Spain.

While there are many other options available, Spanish Golden Visa by Investment is the most popular choice. Golden Visa in Spain allows non-EU nationals to live and work in Spain legally.

The Spanish Golden Visa process consists of steps that should be completed with legal consultancy. Although the process is not really hard, local knowledge is a must to have an easy and fast procedure.

Our experts with tens of years of experience provide the best consultancy possible. Our modern services combined with our reliability and experience lead it to %100 Happiness and Zero Failure.

Also, we offer a unique service to our clients. Our team of lawyers speaks in your language to ensure successful communication. So, we understand your case, needs, and desires to provide better services.

You may attend our webinar to get detailed information on Spanish Golden Visa. You may also find out about the eligibility conditions, visa requirements, application process, investment options, and our services.

The details of the Spain Golden Visa by Investment Webinar are as follows;

Moderator: İhsan Erol
Lawyers: Funda Gizem Çelik, Sefa Muhammed Yılmaz

Date: 13 June 2023 – 14:00

Note: The webinar will be a single session and it will be held in Turkish.

Fill out the contact form below to access the webinar link. The webinar link will be active on the event date.

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