How to Get a Tax Number in Turkey?

With the required documentation, the tax number can be easily obtained from the tax offices that can be found in every province and district in Turkey. It is a ten-digit number, similar to an identification number, that is used for all administrative and legal transactions, regardless of whether non-residents intend to stay in Turkey permanently or not.

As a foreigner, you need to apply for a tax number, if you want to open a bank account, buy a property, subscribe for utility services, issue insurance, benefit from health services, engage in notarial processes, apply for residence permits, etc.

How Do I Get a Foreign Identification Number in Turkey?

You have two options for getting a tax ID number: online and in person. In two ways, getting a tax identification number in Turkey is completely free.

If you get the number online, you need to have a valid Turkish phone number and a digital copy of your passport’s ID page on your computer in pdf, jpeg, or png formats. On the official webpage of the Interactive Tax Office (İnteraktif Vergi Dairesi) at, you click the box named Application For Non-Citizen’s Potential Tax Number. Then, you fill out the form and upload the necessary documents. After you upload them, you submit them via the “Tamam” button, the system gives you a tax ID number in the form of an official letter in PDF format. That’s all.

If you do not have a Turkish phone number, you need to go with a second option: in-person. There are tax offices in all provinces and districts. You can find them easily. You need a valid passport, a photocopy of your passport ID page, and a tax ID application form filled and signed.

When you go to the tax office, you find the department named “Sicil İşlemleri” (Registration Procedures). Officers may not speak English, so we recommend that you go with someone who knows the procedure and speaks Turkish. After giving the documents, your transactions are completed, and the officers give you an official letter with your tax ID number on it. That’s all.

What are the Necessary Documents to Get a Tax ID Number in Turkey?

If you apply for a tax number online, a digital copy of your passport’s ID page in the formats of pdf, jpeg, or png and a valid Turkish phone number are required. However, if you want to apply for it at a tax office, you will be required to present a valid passport, a photocopy of your passport’s ID page, and a filled-out and signed tax ID application form.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Tax Number in Turkey?

As the entire process is now quick and easy, the appointments often last 15 minutes. The days of spending hours in line at tax offices with no digital alternative are thankfully gone. Additionally, this is a one-time process. When you get your tax identification number, you can use it permanently.

Get a Tax ID Number for an Estate Easily with a Local Professional!

Our legal advisors assist in getting a Turkish tax number for foreigners who want to buy a property or start a business in Turkey and many more. We handle all the processes for you, as with many other property-related transactions. You can learn more about our services in Turkey, Spain, and Portugal here.

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