What is the Turquoise Card of Turkey?

The turquoise card grants prestigious and respected world citizens who work in investing, science, technology, culture, art, sports, production, and related industries the right to work and live permanently in Turkey.

Who Can Apply for the Turquoise Card System?

Turkey’s Turquoise Card is not available to all foreigners in Turkey; however, certain individuals can receive it, including;

• Foreigners who are regarded as highly qualified workforce due to their degree of education, income, professional expertise and experience, contribution to science and technology, and other criteria.
• Foreigners who are regarded as highly qualified investors due to their degree of investment or export, the number of jobs to be created, their contribution to scientific and technological advancements, and other criteria.
• Scientists or researchers who have contributed to the advancement of science and technology or who carry out international research and studies in the country’s best interests in the disciplines of science, business, and technology.
• Foreigners who have succeeded in worldwide cultural, artistic, and sporting activities.
• Foreigners who have participated in the international recognition and promotion of Türkiye or Turkish culture as well as those who work internationally on matters concerning Türkiye’s national interests.

Those who engage in the following prohibited actions cannot be one of the Turquoise cardholders:

• Individuals who are subject to entry and exit restrictions in the country
• Individuals with diseases that pose a hazard to the public’s health
• Foreign nationals who pose a threat to public order and security

Our Tekce Visa experts offer complete information regarding your eligibility for the program.

How Do You Get a Turquoise Card?

The application may be submitted directly in Turkey or through one of Turkey’s legal representative offices abroad. The Turkish Ministry receives all your documents electronically. You will be guided through this application procedure by Tekce Visa professionals, including gathering the necessary paperwork.

The scoring system is the key factor to keep in mind here. The applications are evaluated using a scoring system developed in accordance with the standards specified by the General Directorate of International Labor Force. They must get enough points in a specified evaluation scheme. Based on the applicant’s professional qualifications, officials may also get comments from faculty members, institutions, and organizations related to the industry or area of expertise for evaluating the application.

If the applicant is a qualified workforce:

  • The education level
  • The higher education institution’s prestige
  • Salary range
  • Level of proficiency or work experience
  • Foreign languages the applicant knows other than his mother tongue and similar requirements that demonstrate the qualifications.
  • Consistency between education and work or profession
  • The seniority of the organization

If the foreign applicant is a qualified investor:

  • The level of employment or export activity
  • Investment value
  • The nature of the business and the region
  • Owning movable or immovable real estate in Turkey
  • Similar standards proving their qualifications and industrial or intellectual property rights

If the applicant is a scientist or researcher:

  • Participation in national or international organizations in the field of science and technology
  • The academic title
  • Participation in national or international organizations with registered patents, trademarks, or licenses
  • Innovative projects

If the applicant is an athlete:

  • Individual or club license in the sport in which they participate
  • The degrees or achievements as a team or individual at the national or international level
  • The national or international achievements of the club regarding the legal standing of the sports club to which the applicant belongs
  • The standing of a national athlete in their country of citizenship and the requirements that demonstrate eligibility

Contribution to the recognition and promotion of Turkey or Turkish culture

Foreigners who contribute to raising awareness of Turkey or promoting Turkish culture, tourism, or cuisine are evaluated on their promotional efforts, which take into account things such as duration, sustainability, continuity, influence, ideas, artistic works, and global activities.

On a regional, provincial, sectoral, or occupational basis, the General Directorate may change scoring systems or establish alternative scoring systems.

The Required Documents for the Turquoise Card Application

To prevent any problems during the card application procedure, you are expected to obtain the necessary documentation, which is as follows:

• Application form
• Passport
• A conformity certificate from the relevant public institution to show eligibility

The following documents should also be submitted, depending on the application type;

• A foreign diploma, employment contract, resume or assignment letter, professional experience, and an internationally recognized document demonstrating language fluency in addition to the mother tongue.
• Documents related to the investor’s volume of investments, employment status, export volume and credit, financial capabilities, cash account balance, financial solvency, business region, sector, and other business-related documents should be presented.• Scientists and researchers are required to present diplomas, documentation related to their academic careers and titles, studies, licenses, trademarks, and patented goods.
• Applicants in the arts, athletics, or other cultural activities are required to show their achievements at the national or international level.
• Foreigners who contributed to the international recognition or promotion of Turkey or Turkish culture can provide documentation of their work as Turquoise volunteers as well as details on the duration, sustainability, continuity, and scope of their influence.

The Privileges of the Turquoise Card for Foreign Investors

First of all, a Turquoise Card gives you the right to live and work in Turkey indefinitely. Along with that:

  • Your spouse and children can live indefinitely as well.
  • You will be granted a multiple-entry right to the country.
  • Your transactions of residence, travel, investment, commercial activity, inheritance, and acquisition and transfer of movable and immovable in Turkey are managed in accordance with the legislation applicable to Turkish citizens.
  • You can benefit from the social security system of Turkey (SGK).
  • There is no requirement for you to perform compulsory military service.
  • You can exercise educational rights in Turkey.

On the other hand, you have no right to vote, be elected, or serve in public office with the card, but applicants and their family members receive a higher priority in obtaining Turkish citizenship. More specifically, no further legal requirements or paperwork are required.

Need to Know About Turquoise Card

Here’s what you need to know about the card:

  • After three years, you can easily apply to become a Turkish citizen as long as you pose no threat to public safety or the public’s safety.
  • In fact, this 3 years is considered a transition period. It is the validity of the Turquoise card. An authorized specialist observes the cardholder’s domestic and international obligations. Every year, the specialist also draft reports in accordance with standards established by the General Directorate.
  • You are required to provide any extra information or documentation that the assigned specialist requests within 15 days of the requested date. You have three months to make any necessary corrections to the reports if there are any discrepancies. The card will be canceled if you do not comply.
  • Within the last 180 days of the three-year period, requests to remove the transition period should be made if you plan to stay longer. The Turquoise Card becomes indefinite upon approval by the end of the transition period. The Turquoise Card expires if an application is not submitted within this time frame.

Reasons for Cancellation of Turquoise Card

The card will be canceled if you do not travel to Turkey within six months of approval or stays abroad for more than a period of two years without demonstrating a case of force majeure.

The other reasons are:

  • Working illegally
  • Not working for one continuous year
  • Submitting false or misleading information and documents
  • Not complying with requests for documents or evidence within the transition period
  • Not legally allowed to enter Turkey or deportation
  • Interfering with public order, security, or health

The applicant can also request the cancellation of the card, in which case the card loses its validity.

Apply For Turquoise Card with Tekce Visa!

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