Living in Spain as an Expat

Spain, a Mediterranean country known as a favorite holiday destination with its sunny weather and mild climate that prevails most of the year, the biggest advantage that is offered may be the adapted your life to the holiday that you went on.

Settlement in a place is not just about rest and enjoying the place. In this way, we wrote about what really like about life in Spain as an expat.

Best Reasons to Live in Spain for an Expat

There is more than one reason to settle in Spain as an expat. Some people can choose the main reason to settle about the destination, climate, or geolocation. These are important of course but can be kept basic. The main reasons are counted as advantageous living costs and offering a quality life to an expat.

A Point of Cultural Fusion

Spain borders Portugal to the west, France and Andorra to the north, and the United Kingdom (Gibraltar) to the south. Due to its location, where different cultures are in contact, Spain is one of the countries where foreigners adapted easily. Spain accepted more than one language in the official language; the diversity is familiar to Spanish people. Plus a benefit, as a popular settlement point, there are many groups of expats on social media.

Budget Friendly Costs

Spain is one of the preferred countries to settle in Europe due to its low cost of living. European standards but cheap living costs explain this preference. In many research published about the cost of living with various scales, Spain is a step forward to western Europa with low living expenses. Also, being accessible with low-to-budget healthcare and education systems made Spain the settlement point of the expats’ eyes.

No time to be Bored in Spain

Expats settling in Spain are things to do in Spain. Things to do in Spain range from visiting squares with buildings offering open-air museums to watching bullfighting festivals.

Popular options it’s preferred in Spain are visiting the magnificent-built Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, the historic site of the Alhambra, and the colorful thematic park Parc Cuell.

Also, in Spain, there are many options for museum lovers. Prado Museum, one of the important museums in the world is located in that country. Guggenheim Museum and Dali Museum are other popular options that should have a visit.

Spain, also known for football clubs, is an important country for football lovers. Everyone who is interested in football can watch games live in a stadium and taste the atmosphere.

A Piece from Heaven: Beaches in Spain

In Spain, sea and sun activities are favorable for almost a year. Besides the activities, enjoying the beaches in Spain is an undescribed moment for many people. If you decide to settle in Spain, you can find your best beach in Spain with your preferences in wide options.

They’re just a basic example for those who love sandy beaches; Bolonia Beach in Cadiz is a great option.
You can also enjoy the famous beaches such as Charco Azul, Macarella, and Las Acacias Beach.

Investment Opportunities

Buying property in Spain, one of the most visited countries in the world is ideal not only for living but also investing. There are advantages to buying property in Spain, which stands out with its magnificent nature and cheap living conditions for foreigners.

With the purchase of 500,000 Euros worth of property, a Spanish residence permit is one of the advantages.

Career Opportunities

Spain has different working models for as like all around the world. More than half of the rate of employment is self-employed, called Autónomo in Spain. Also being flexible working hours and being a freelancer make it easy to live in Spain as an expat.

Is Spain a Suitable Place for Settled an Expat

The answer will be changed with your preferences. If you looking for a place with amazing nature, eternal sea views, mild climate, and low live expenses, Spain is one of the best countries to live as an expat. If you decide to settle, you have to make a choice about where to stay in Spain. Most popular cities such as Madrid and Barcelona have been coming to mind according to the main of the best place to stay in Spain, but you have access easily to amenities that you need in small cities. Also like cities such as Alicante, the sun will come with you almost 300 days per year! And keep the mind small cities are budget-friendly.

If you are interested in settling in Spain, contact us and help find your dream house with our professional team.

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