How do I get Turkish Citizenship?

Turkey’s citizenship can be acquired in certain ways which include kinship, marriage, child adoption, asylum, and citizenship by buying real estate. Nowadays, many people around the world are exceptionally interested in getting Turkish citizenship, which is possible with some investment instruments.

The Turkish government has announced a number of investment options to acquire citizenship. The options allow foreign investors to obtain Turkish passports while making profitable investments in Turkey. According to the decisions published in the Official Gazette on 19.09.2018 and 07.12.2018, foreign investors, who make one of the below-listed investments in Turkey, are eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship.

  • Real estate purchases worth 400,000 USD (at least)
  • Fixed capital investments of at least 500,000 USD
  • Starting a business in Turkey that will create employment for at least 50 people
  • Depositing at least 500,000 USD in the Turkish banks and keeping them for 3 years
  • Purchase of government debt instruments worth at least 500,000 USD
  • Purchase of a real estate investment fund participation share or a venture capital investment fund participation share of at least 500,000 USD. Buyer should keep them for at least 3 years

Although Turkey offers a great variety of investment options to acquire citizenship in Turkey, the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way is real estate investment. Moreover, real estate investments in Turkey bring good profit with a high return on investment rates. Thus, this investment instrument is highly recommended to those who want to make a profitable investment and get Turkish passports which bring many advantages to its holders.

The Turkish citizenship by real estate investment covers your spouse and your children under 18 years old. Hence, your family members do not have to invest separately to apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey.

There is no waiting period to acquire citizenship after the investment. Applications are finalized within a relatively short time, mostly within three months. This may take years in other countries with similar applications due to the obligatory waiting periods.

How do I become Turkish Citizenship?

Turkish citizenship by real estate investment process is comprised of some steps to be followed. These are;

Property Purchase:

The citizenship program is based on a real estate purchase. So, the first step is to buy property. Applicants are advised to deal with a professional real estate agent to complete the purchasing process without any failure and to make the citizenship application successful. They will help you to handle some nuance, compared to general property purchasing.
When you find a reputable agent, you should choose the properties to purchase and sign a property sales agreement.

Title Deed Conveyance:

Once you find the right property to purchase, you should finalize the title deed conveyance under your agent’s guidance. Here, you should keep in mind that you must make the payment through a bank transfer. Then, you must get the transfer receipt signed and stamped by the bank manager.

Citizenship Application:

The applications will be made by our lawyers. They will guide you throughout the process. You should know that citizenship applications and paperwork can be carried out only by lawyers. Real estate agents cannot carry out Turkish citizenship by investment process as required by law.

Receive Your Turkish ID and Passport:

When the application is approved, your Turkish ID card and passport will be posted to the address given at the time of application. Turkish ID cards and passports can be received only by the applicant or a proxy who has a valid power of attorney.

In most cases, our lawyers will receive your ID card and passport if you are not in Turkey at the time. You can receive it from our office whenever you want. We can also post it to your country of residence.


How to get Turkish Citizenship?

Being a Turkish citizen and living in Turkey offers many advantages. Likewise, carrying a Turkish passport brings advantages for those who want to study, work and live in another country in the globalizing world. So, many people from different countries are investing in Turkey and applying for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment.

If you are interested in Turkish citizenship by investment, TekceVisa is the right address for you. Our company provides legal counseling services for these investment programs. Our lawyers follow up the process for you entirely, from the application stage to receiving the Turkish ID.

Our lawyers provide online consultancy services. This gives you the advantage to obtain Turkish citizenship remotely. You do not need to visit Turkey for any legal procedure.

TekceVisa completes all legal processes on your behalf with your power of attorney. Moreover, you can ask for an online meeting with our consultants at any stage of the process to ask for information and feedback.

Further Information

If you have questions regarding how to get Turkish citizenship by investment, contact us today to get answers and learn more about the citizenship process. You can also talk to our consultants to learn the best investment instrument that suits your criteria.

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