What Are the Advantages of Turkish Passport?

There are numerous advantages of the Turkish passport, including being available to enter more than 100 countries without a visa and not giving up your original nationality. Turkish passport holders have all advantages of being Turkish citizenship, which is guaranteed by the Turkish constitution. The advantages of holding a Turkish passport start within the country and extend through the international arena.

The main advantages of the Turkish passport are;

• Turkish passport holders are not obligated to relinquish their original nationality and passport. Dual nationality is allowed in Turkey.
• The Turkish passport grants all citizenship rights to the holders, including the right to vote and to be elected.
• It grants free health and educational services to its holders
• The Turkish passport can be granted within a very short period, generally within 3 months
• One of the most powerful passports in the world
• No need to take exams in the Turkish language or history while getting a Turkish passport

These are the main benefits of a Turkish passport. Social and economic rights that are given to the holders of the Turkish passport include consumer rights, social security rights, and labor rights. In addition to the national rights, when the Turkish passport holder is abroad, the general life security and rights are protected by the Turkish government. Also, Turkish passport holders don’t need to live in Turkey to get a passport or maintain their status.

For investors, the Turkish passport also offers some interesting benefits. The Turkish passport includes an opportunity to apply for an E-2 investor visa in the United States. The E-2 is a type of visa given by the US to investors. The E-2 visa does not give a green card to its owners, so it is not an immigrance visa. But, the E-2 visa is valid for five years and it can be renewed for two extra years.

To apply for the United States E-2 visa, there is no minimum investment amount. But, if the E-2 visa applicant does more than 800.000 $ investment in the American economy or creates ten jobs, the applicant can get an EB-5 visa and green card, and later can apply for citizenship.

In addition to the national benefits such as free education and health service in Turkey and traveling to various countries visa-free, The strong relations between Turkey and European Union also become more important recently. In near future, it is expected to Turkish passport holders to visit all EU countries without needing a visa. The power of the Turkish passport has significantly risen in the last 3 decades.

How Powerful is the Turkish Passport?

According to the Passport Index, the Turkish passport is the 38th most powerful passport. The power of the passport is calculated by the number of countries that can be visited without a visa. The latest data shows that the Turkish passport ensures its holders’ entry to more than 60 percent of the world, without getting a visa.

The number of countries that Turkish passport enters without a visa is increasing year by year. The political good relations and stable communications with the other countries helped the Turkish passport holders to visit more visa-free countries. The Turkish passport holders can visit every country, while most of them without need a visa, for the others are required upon arrival or before.

The visa-free countries for Turkish passport holders include; Argentina, Brazil, Iran, Ukraine, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, and Singapore. The Turkish passport strength gives access to more than 100 countries without visas.

Despite the power of the Turkish passport, it’s relatively easy to get. The fast process of getting the Turkish passport, which is generally within 90 days after the application, is also another advantage of the Turkish passport. While there are several ways to get, most foreigners get a Turkish passport by investment. Purchasing a property in Turkey, which is a minimum of 400.000 $ and suitable for Turkish citizenship is enough for those who want to apply for Turkish passport by investment.

There are different Turkish passport types, which are used for different purposes. These are; the Diplomatic Passport, (black passport) which is given to the senior state officials that formally represent Turkey; Special Passport (green passport) which is given to the government officials, government employees, regional and provincial mayors, Banking Regulatory Authority members, and board members of directors of the Saving Deposit Insurance Fund; Service Stamped Passport (grey color) which is given to the workers on the international organizations such as Turkish Aviation Association and Turkish Red Crescent Society; and last, the Public Passport (maroon color) which is given to the Turkish citizens that not meeting the requirements for the other passport types. The Public Passport is also given to foreigners who get their Turkish citizenship.

In conclusion, the Turkish passport is powerful and offers numerous advantages. Holding a Turkish passport, which is the country that connects Asia and Europe both in a geographic and cultural way obviously will offer benefits to the holders.

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