How Much Does it Cost to Get Citizenship in Turkey

The cost of obtaining citizenship in Turkey will vary depending on your application method. Read our article to learn more about citizenship application methods.

What Are the Costs for Turkish Citizenship and Passport?

The cost of citizenship in Turkey changes depending on the application method. According to the Turkish Citizenship Law, it’s possible to obtain Turkish citizenship after birth through a couple of methods. The most common methods for application include marriage with a Turkish citizen, adoption by a Turkish citizen, residing in Turkey, and investment.

Although previous methods are almost cost-free, acquiring Turkish citizenship through residence permit and investment are the more preferred methods as they are suitable for everyone. Since obtaining Turkish citizenship through a residence permit requires residing in Turkey for an uninterrupted time period of 5 years, Turkish citizenship by investment is by far the easiest method.

There are several investment methods that you can use for applying for Turkish citizenship. Additionally, acquiring Turkish citizenship by investment costs fairly less than many other countries throughout the world.

How Much Are the Costs for Turkish Citizenship by Investment Methods?

The cost of obtaining Turkish citizenship is determined by preferred the investment method used for the application. Buying real estate, depositing cash in Turkish banks, buying government bonds, buying shares in Turkish REITs or VCTs, investing in fixed assets, and establishing a company and hiring Turkish citizens are the investment options that can be used for citizenship applications.

Each of these methods set minimum limits for investments in order to be used in citizenship applications. Individuals who want to apply for Turkish citizenship through the most preferred method, real estate investment, should purchase a property or properties that are at least worth 400.000 USD.

Real estate investment is the most preferred method for Turkish citizenship applications because it’s the cheapest method. Additionally, real estate investment allows you to earn a steady rental income and gives you a chance to have a comfortable and pleasant lifestyle with a Turkish passport in this dream-like country.

The minimum amount of investment required for citizenship applications for other methods including depositing cash in Turkish banks, buying government bonds, buying shares in Turkish REITs or VCTs, and investing in fixed assets is 500.000 USD.

Although these methods are more practical than real estate investments, they lack the other benefits brought by real estate investments. The last investment method for applying for Turkish citizenship is establishing a company in Turkey. The criteria of this method are not the money invested in the company but the number of Turkish employees hired.

Company owners should at least hire 50 Turkish citizens as employees in order to apply this method. This method is not one of the primarily preferred options as it’s more costly and time-consuming in the long term.

How Much Does a Turkish Passport Cost?

The cost of a Turkish passport is the Turkey citizenship cost and the fees charged by Population Directorates for preparing a new passport. Individuals who have gained the right and privilege to own a Turkish passport by acquiring Turkish citizenship should apply and make an appointment with Population Directorate in their district in order to get their passport.

Population Directorates naturally charge an additional service fee for preparing passports. Although the compulsory booklet fee is a fixed amount of money, the cost of a new Turkish passport will change depending on the validation period of the passport.

As of 2023, the cost of a new Turkish passport for the longest validation period is approximately 3295.70 TL. However, it’s important to note that the passport fee is updated annually according to the inflation rate.

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