Turkey Healthcare Systems for Foreigners

Turkey’s healthcare system works tied to a social state. There are many different actors in the healthcare systems in Turkey. These actors in healthcare in Turkey are significantly state hospitals, university hospitals, private hospitals, and private clinics. Also called neighborhood places has minimal actors like family health centers all around Turkey.

How Does Healthcare System Work in Turkey for Expats

Turkey’s healthcare system covers expats after they follow legal procedures. One of the most curious questions is the cost of healthcare in Turkey. The question can reply to affordable price because most health services are free of charge with having health insurance.

In Turkey, there are different types of insurance;

  • Universal Health Insurance

Universal health insurance is health coverage for all citizens and residents of Turkey. Led on SGK(Social Security Institution) conducts and supervises. Accords to per month fees cover described services in state hospitals, university hospitals, private hospitals, and family health centers in Turkey.


  • Have been a settlement in Turkey for a year
  • Have not been using insurance in a different country.


  • Spouse
  • Children under the age of 18
  • Unmarried children under the age of 20 who study in high school
  • Unmarried children under the age of 25 who study at university
  • Unmarried children who are disabled regardless of age
  • Parents who are looked after by foreign nationals and identified by the institution.

How to Apply: The application is accepted by Social Security Institutions. Needed documents;

  • Application form and petition
  • Residence permit document
  • Social security status documents submitted by the social security institution or labor attaches of the relevant foreign country and recognizance form
  • Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance is a type of insurance where the scope and services provided can be selected. Take from the Turkeys’ insurance agency according to the needs and budgets.

In Turkey, insurance agencies offer many verified insurance policies for needs.

How Much is Private Health Insurance in Turkey?

Private health insurance costs are changing with age, medical story, and gender. Private health insurance is different in scope. It can be determined and allows you to pay according to the options you need to general health insurance. In this context, the best private insurance in Turkey for foreigners will be determined according to the needs of the individual.

Healthcare Tourism in Turkey

Healthcare tourism in Turkey is developing day by day with specialized healthcare professionals and services offered in well-equipped facilities. Comprehensive health complexes in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, and Bursa. The complexes offer quality services and access to the prices.

For the international seems Turkey draws attention with successfully its prosthetics and artificial limb and the medical procedures of organ transplantation.

The fees, compared to other countries that service the same standard, are mostly different. In Turkey, fee access can not be ignored in comparison to other countries.

Cost Comparison of the UK and Turkey

Medical Procedures 2022 Cost in the United Kingdom 2022 Cost in Turkey
Nose Surgery £7,000 £2,500
LASIK Eye Surgery £3,250 £1,200
Cataract Removal £4000 £1,500
Liposuction £6,000 £2,500
Tummy Tuck £7,700 £1,500
Dental Implants £2,500 £500
Gold Crown £1,000 £190
Face Lift £10,000 £3,000
Breast Augmentation £8,000 £2,500

Turkey Healthcare Industry

The health industry in Turkey has been well-developed in recent years. The development explains the diversity and specialty of the different health disciplines. Also, opening high standards state hospitals called ‘city hospitals’ in many cities affected the development.

Depending on landforms so many natural spa areas are located all around Turkey. In Turkey, from the past to the present, spa tourism for healthcare always be important. Especially preferred in the winter months, the equipped complexes are homes to thousands of native and foreign visitors.

Tips for the readers

For those interested in Spa tourism for healthcare, the best quality complexes are all around the country. One of the small western cities is called Denizli in Turkey. The city is famous for its mineral-rich thermal waters and white travertine. Kind of cities that do spa tourism is the capital Ankara, Bursa, and Kayseri.

A Settle Destination After Retirement

Turkey has been one of the preferred settlement countries for retired people in recent years. The excellent climate and the low living costs in Turkey are the reasons why retired people prefer to settle in Turkey.

Also, developed healthcare opportunities and accessible services charm retired people’s eyes. The reasons are covered expensive healthcare systems in many countries and insufficient insurance coverage. Also, most of the developed countries’ healthcare services seem expensive to retired people. This situation directed retired people to take healthcare services in Turkey.

Educated healthcare personnel and high-quality complexes that develop day-by-day are made set options for Turkey after retirement.


Q: Does Turkey have good healthcare?
A: Yes, Of the various levels of healthcare services in Turkey, the healthcare system ranked 51. in the world.

Q: What are the best cities for healthcare in Turkey?
A: The best cities chosen for healthcare ranked; Bursa, Izmir, and Istanbul.

Q: Is healthcare in Turkey free?
A: No, the healthcare system in Turkey is not fully free. But you can take advantage of the many services with universal health insurance without payment.

Q: Does Turkey have free healthcare?
A: Universal health insurance offers many health services without payment.

Q: Is Turkey hard to get universal health insurance?
A: No, if you get necessities you can take universal health insurance.

Q: What medical services cover health insurance in Turkey?
A: Universal health insurance cover

  • inpatient and outpatient services,
  • infectious diseases,
  • preventive health services,
  • vocational accidents and diseases,
  • treatment costs of foreigners and their dependents, except for chronic diseases, discounts in private hospitals and clinics, etc. With the optional private insurance can choose the services that you need.

Q: What offers private health insurance in Turkey for foreigners?
A: The private health insurance offer chooses to scope and policies.

Q: How much is private health insurance in Turkey?
A: The fee will change the scope and your needs. You can find policies that fit your budget at insurance agencies.

Q: What offers private healthcare in Turkey?
A: Accordance your needs, there are many options in private health centers and private clinics.

Q: Is Turkey good for healthcare for tourists?
A: Yes, there are many private clinics and equipment health complexes in Turkey. They also have advantageous prices.

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