How Long Does it Take to Get Turkish Citizenship?

The process of getting Turkish Citizenship takes 3 to 6 months. The period may vary depending on certain factors such as the application type or the number of applicants.

It is possible to obtain Turkish Citizenship by birth or by later acquisition such as marriage, residence permits, and investment in Turkey. The Turkish Government also introduced a program called Turquoise System in 2017 in this context.

According to the Turquoise System, foreigners who have the Turquoise card can benefit from almost all the rights of a Turkish Citizen.

Another preferred way of becoming a Turkish Citizen is the investment program. This fast track system grants foreigners all the rights of a Turkish Citizen. It allows them to be home or business owners in Turkey.

In this way, foreigners can easily make use of their savings by investing in an asset in Turkey and also officially get Turkish citizenship. Getting Turkish citizenship is easier, faster, and failure-free under the supervision of professional advisors.

Stages of Turkish Citizenship Applications

From the first step to the conclusion, the whole application period can take up to 180 days. Working with an experienced and professional legal team can make quite a difference at this point.

Being familiar with the legal procedures will minimize the waiting period, eliminate the refusal risk and smoothen the transactions.

We provide hands-on guidance on Turkish Citizenship applications with our well-trained expert team of Tekce Visa. With the right legal support, you will experience only a 4-stage application process rather than drowning in complicated and confusing transactions.

Step One: Meeting and Discussing

Firstly, we arrange a meet-up with our team and have a cup of coffee at our office for a quick acquaintance. It is possible to arrange the meeting remotely via online communication channels such as FaceTime, Whatsapp Video Call, Skype, etc.

At this meeting, the legal advisors of Tekce Visa will listen to your wishes, expectations, and concerns. This first step will shape your roadmap on this exciting journey that you have stepped in to buy Turkish citizenship fastly.

Step Two: Gathering the Documents and Applying

In line with the requirements stated by the law, the application process begins with the submission of the actual application form and required documents.

Our expert team will inform you about the requirements. At this stage, you may need to gather the required documents. The context of the documents may vary according to the application type.

If you apply for citizenship through investment, you may also need to gather documents regarding your investment. They should be submitted along with the application to prove that your investment meets the requirements.

You can fill out the application form and submit it to your local governorship office in Turkey. You can also proceed with the application by the embassy or consulate if you live abroad.

Step Three: Reviewing

After the application has been made, a commission will review the submitted documents. The review commission is the authority that determines whether the requirements have been met or not.

The commission will send a report to the administrative offices for the final decision.

Step Four: Decision Making

The investigation and examination can take up to 6 months. However, it is possible to become a Turkish citizen within 3 months if the conditions are met and procedures are followed properly.

Congratulations, you have all the rights of a Turkish citizen. You are now ready to get your Turkish passport and start living your best life in Turkey!

Advantages of Being a Turkish Citizen

Foreign individuals who have successfully obtained a Turkish passport will have the opportunity to benefit from every right a natural-born Turkish citizen has.

In addition, Turkey allows dual citizenship. This means that if your country agrees on the terms of dual citizenship, you can benefit from every advantage that both countries offer.

Turkish citizenship grants you an unlimited residency right. However, there is no condition to permanently live in Turkey. After becoming a citizen, you do not have to live in Turkey continuously.

Your family also can acquire Turkish citizenship at the same time as you. The applicant’s spouse and children under the age of 18 can also receive Turkish citizenship.

A Turkish citizen can travel visa-free to 100 countries on all continents. You can even freely visit South America without needing a visa.

Turkish citizenship comes with an endless number of advantages and privileges. At Tekce Visa, we help you to achieve your dreams without any disappointments in a short time.

What Do We Offer at Tekce Visa?

We offer a fast and easy Turkish citizenship application process to our customers.

As an experienced team who have delivered Turkish passports to hundreds of foreign customers, we have full knowledge on every step of this journey. With a power of attorney, we proceed and finalize the whole process on behalf of our customers easily.

Please note that the steps may differ depending on some circumstances. For example, if you want to get citizenship in Turkey by investment, you will need to complete the property title deed transfer beforehand.

We have well-trained real estate specialists who have nearly 20 years of experience in property investment. Our real estate agents who speak your language will find the best property in the real estate market in Turkey. We will assist you during the whole purchasing procedure.

The property purchasing and citizenship application process have become easier than it was before with Tekce Visa. You can easily become a Turkish citizen and buy your dream home in Turkey from abroad on your sofa.

Get Yours Today!

We provide professional assistance services with our company lawyers who speak your language and understand your concerns. Contact us today to embark on a new journey with your Turkish passport!

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