Is it Easy to get Turkish Citizenship?

Turkish citizenship can be obtained in a variety of ways.

Purchasing a property or making a capital investment are the most popular ways to get Turkish citizenship.

Is it easy to get Turkish Citizenship?

Yes and no. The process can be a bit difficult if the person applies alone, as there may be obstacles depending on different criteria for obtaining citizenship.

However, the process will be easy with assistance and guidance from a highly professional and experienced real estate company.

Turkey is known as a vacation destination with its mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful scenery, delectable cuisine, and friendly people. But, its advantages are not limited to the weather and culture.

Investors all over the world are attracted to Turkey for its high living standards, strategic location, and well-developed healthcare system. As a result of the increased attraction, the number of citizenship applications has also increased.

Investors become Turkish citizens to gain access to lucrative investment opportunities, business development opportunities, and the ability to purchase real estate.

The Ways of Getting Turkey Citizenship

You can choose the one that best suits your situation and apply for it accordingly.

  • By Birth

If you were born in Turkey or abroad to a parent of a Turkish citizen, you can claim to be a Turkish citizen.

  • Through Marriage

You must be married for at least 3 years with certain conditions.

  • The Turquoise Card

It is for special merit and individuals with outstanding achievements and qualified foreign high-level educators, investors, or contributors to arts, sports, social and cultural activities.

  • Long-time residence (Property and Residence Permit Holders)

If you live in Turkey for at least 5 years without leaving for 6 months, you can apply for it this way. Financial support must be proven as well as the knowledge of the Turkish language.
However, the most common and effective way is to gain Turkish citizenship by investment.

Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

The Turkey Citizenship Program by Investment was first announced in January 2017. It was revised as a result of decisions issued in the Turkish Official Gazette in September 2018.

Turkey now offers citizenship to foreigners buying real estate in Turkey valued at at least 400.000 USD or make a purchase commitment from the notary for a property worth 400.000 USD.

This is provided that it is kept for at least 3 years. Under the terms of this new rule, as of 2022, more than 280 thousand properties were sold to foreigners in 10 years. The real estate market has skyrocketed due to these developments.

Another investment program in obtaining Turkish citizenship can also be through making a capital investment of 500.000 USD by either depositing it into Turkish banks or buying government bonds. They have also the condition of not selling or withdrawing in 3 years.

Making a 500.000 USD fixed asset investment, buying shares worth 500.000 USD in Turkish REITs or VCTs, and starting a business with 50 people are also other investment instruments.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property

There are many Turkey Citizenship benefits as one gains access to all government programs, such as trade opportunities, pension programs, free education opportunities, and top-quality healthcare services in Turkey, as well as high-quality houses at reasonable prices.

The Turkish citizenship by investment process is simple, you can apply together with your family members (spouse and children under the age of 18).

One of the biggest advantages of the Turkish passport is visa-free travel to over 100 countries. Many of these counties allow 30-90 days without a visa, and some allow visas upon arrival.

Turkey claims to join the EU and negotiates visa-free travel to the Schengen area. Once this is achieved, a total of 26 European nations will be added to the current list of countries where Turkish residents can travel freely.

Investors are not required to give up their current citizenship. Dual citizenship is possible. They do not need to take exams in the country’s language or history. They are not also required to live in Turkey to preserve their status.

There is no minimum residency period needed. As soon as you receive your residence permit, you can continue to live abroad and seek citizenship.

You are also not needed to report any assets or income that you currently have in other countries.

Citizenship Application Process and Documents Needed

After meeting the requirements of the program (either by real estate investment or other means), the next step is to collect the necessary documents. These are:

  • Application form
  • Valid passport
  • Four passport-size photos of each member of your family
  • Birth Certificate
  • Residence permit or valid Touristic Visa on passport
  • Documents proving your relationships with your spouse and children (marriage license, birth certificates of children) if applicable
  • Turkish ID copy and address of applicant relatives in Turkey if applicable
  • Application tax payment receipt
  • Appraisal report
  • Bank receipt showing payment of minimum 500.000 USD
  • Title deed or Notarized property purchase commitment

Upon application, it takes a very short time for the Turkish passport and citizenship to be processed and delivered. It takes between 2-6 months on average. However, it can take as little as 30 days as a result of recent changes, through investment programs.

Other sorts of citizenship applications must be made through the local governorship office where you live in Turkey, or through a consulate if you live outside of Turkey. Depending on your circumstances, the documents and the types of applications you will need will differ.

If you are applying for Turkish citizenship by property, then Tekce Visa will guide you throughout the whole process. We are with you from arranging a viewing tour of the properties to purchasing the property and submitting all required documents to obtain the title deed.

Once approved, the application is usually finalized in 30 days. We provide legal support with our company lawyers who have proven experience in buying property in Turkey and citizenship with a 100% succession rate.

All transactions can be done online without the need for travel. With a power of attorney, we can manage the application process on your behalf with a power of attorney, so the process goes very fast and easy.

Our experienced lawyers follow and carry out all steps and procedures in accordance with official legislation in order to prevent legal disputes that may arise.

Since most government offices only communicate in Turkish, we provide online consultancy meetings in your language of preference to follow the process through diligently. We answer all your questions and ensure transparency throughout the whole process.

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